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Welcome to the community

Canada is one of the few countries that welcomes the most immigrants each year. Over the next two years, Canada will seek to welcome over one million new immigrants.

We accompany community members so that they have all the information necessary for their case and help them at every stage of the process, from assessment, determining admissibility and applying for the right immigration pathway.

You can in a few clicks

In partnership with Intercan Solutions, we offer a virtual platform in which we offer specialized immigration services.


For an annual subscription of $500

We offer you

Activities / Workshops

Virtual activities and workshops organized once a month on the platform on various topics concerning immigration, the labor market or the quality of life in Quebec with specialists.

Make an appointment with an immigration consultant

Your case is a little more sensitive and you want to speak directly with an immigration expert? This option is made for you!

A forum

You can come and ask all your questions on the forum and the other members of the community would be able to answer you in comments (under the supervision of specialists)


You can take part in networking sessions with other members of the community to prepare for your arrival in Québec.

And many others !