In today’s job market, a resume has become the number one requirement for employers. It is an important tool to demonstrate your skills and qualities. How you impress an employer with your resume can, and will, make all the difference.

A CV is a summary of your qualifications

This is a summary of your qualifications, skills and achievements. It shows a potential employer what you have done in the past. It details your skills and training, work experience, education, and most importantly, your accomplishments. It also informs the employer of your career goal and concisely communicates the benefits you will bring to the position.

Employers only take about 7-8 seconds to review your resume before considering you for a phone interview. Sometimes it’s even less. It is therefore extremely important to present an attractive CV and adapt it to the culture of the sector to which you are applying.

An attractive CV has the power to land you an interview:

A professional CV can change a lot of things for you. It increases the chances of getting a job by simply putting a little time and effort into creating a visually appealing and eye-catching resume.

New immigration measures to support nationals of Ukraine

New immigration measures to support Ukrainian nationals

Although Visa Application Centers (VACs) in Ukraine have been closed to the public since February 24, 2022, Canada has taken steps to prioritize applications from people with a primary residence in Ukraine:

The following new measures have also been implemented:

To further assist residents of Ukraine, IRCC will be waiving government fees for the following documents: Canadian passports, permanent resident travel documents, proof of citizenship, visitor visas, study permits and work permits. study permit and work permit. People awaiting removal will be able to stay in Canada until the country stabilizes, unless they have been found inadmissible for reasons of criminality, violations of international rights or human rights. man, organized crime or security reasons. IRCC will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and take the necessary measures to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine